There are a lot of ways to change a product’s elevation in a plant, but one of the most unique options for lighter weight products is a side grip, or wedge conveyor.

The name isn’t particularly elegant; but it is descriptive. Wedge conveyors are called that because the products are transported by being essentially “wedged” between two moving conveyors with a friction top chain. 

Generally you see the name “side grip conveyor” when the same style of conveyor is used to travel across a horizontal plane, like in a vision check system. It is more common to see  “wedge conveyor” when there is some aspect of vertical movement involved.

These are great solutions for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, cartoned or boxed goods, or even puck handling and de-pucking applications. They can move products at 90° inclines and declines. Wedge conveyors have a rapid transfer rate, so they are great solutions for packaging lines. Each line is custom designed for your process, so infeed and outfeed heights and lengths are completely customizable. Wedge conveyor systems can also be either fixed, or adjustable to run multiple sizes of products with either manual or automated width actuators.

However, wedge conveyors are not ideal in every application. They aren’t good solutions for wet products, products that would be easily damaged by side pressure, particularly heavy products, or products that require vertical accumulation.

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