A spiral elevator is used to elevate production flow from one level of manufacturing to a secondary level in order to add capacity and better utilize floor space.

Spiral elevators are a compact solution when you need up and down elevation changes compared to alternatives. They ensure gentle product handling, reliable, continuous product flow and a long mean time between failure. Both of the spiral elevator options that we carry are very easy to install and integrate easily with new and existing conveyor lines.

The applications for spiral elevators include: individual parcels, totes, packaged items (think shrink wrapped bottle packs), plastic tubs, pucks, and other medium to small goods. They are great for industries like personal care, packaged pharmaceutical and medical device, packaged food, plastics, and could even be used in automotive or bearing plants depending on the exact application.

The FlexLink Spiral Elevator is good for product sizes 200x250x300mm. However, if you have smaller products: 200x175x200mm, the X85 Compact Spiral Elevator could be a better option. Both of them have a high friction chain with an integrated bearing, but the X85 version is about 40% smaller.

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