A robotic palletizing system uses either collaborative or industrial robots to efficiently stack sealed cases on pallets for transportation.

Robotic palletizing systems are very flexible. So they can be designed to handle multiple stack patterns, insert slip sheets, handle different sizes of boxes, various case weights, and a palletize at a wide variety of heights easily.

Even though we use robots or cobots, our cells can be very simple. They can be one robot stacking a pallet from a powered or non-powered conveyor. Then, once full, that pallet can be manually removed and replaced.

However, we can also help design a very complex automatic robotic palletizer system. Those systems are fully integrated with case sealers, conveyors, stretch wrappers, pallet dispensers, and AGVs/AMRs to be hands off or even function as a lights out operation.

To determine whether you need your automatic robotic palletizing system to use a collaborative or industrial robot consider:

  • Case sizes and weights
  • Palletizing rate
  • Dimensions of your fully stacked pallet
  • Available space for your palletizing cell
  • Mobility

At Flex-Line Automation, Inc. we design and install palletizing solutions with our own products and programming, but we also work frequently with UR+ certified Robotiq to bring simple, collaborative, palletizing cells to our customers. No matter what you need, we would love to design you the perfect robotic palletizer for your operation! We have the experience and resources to get you not just a solution, but your ideal solution.

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