Pallet magazine. Pallet stacker. Pallet destacker. No matter what you call it, pallet handling equipment from our partner PALOMAT creates efficiencies in your workspace.

In the US the terms are a bit interchangeable, but we have a solution for it all! PALOMAT has stand alone options as well as a pallet destacker that integrates with mobile robots/AGVs, or inline with conveyors. But why would you need one?

  • Reduce pallet damage with a pallet destacker
  • Save space by automatically stacking and destacking pallets vertically
  • Prevent injuries from pallets falling over and the unnatural motion of stacking them manually

How does it work?

Pallet stacker/pallet destacker units grip pallets from the sides and index them up and down using electric actuators, (120V). This allows for controlled and safe pallet handling. Our PALOMATs can stack or destack American (Chep and White Stringer), European, and some specialty pallet styles; and are available for single and double-up (two pallets in line) configurations. We also have pallet destackers that can move 1-5 pallets at a time. You can store 15, or up to 25 pallets vertically without worrying that the stack may fall over, and without needing to run a forklift in potentially congested areas with a stand-alone unit; or store and dispense pallets directly into your palletizing cell with an inline pallet destacker. There is a PALOMAT for every application.

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