Conveyor system design is not about what program the layout is drawn in, although it is easier to visualize with a 3D Solidworks model than a 2D CAD file.

However, it doesn’t really matter if your conveyor system is designed in the latest design tool created by the manufacturer, or hand sketched on the back of a napkin. What matters in a conveyor system design is the experience of the person designing the system. It is all the little details that go into creating a seamless production flow.

At the front of most conveyor catalogs there is an introduction section with a product overview and technical data that is there to help you if you choose to do your own conveyor system design. By reading that section you can get a fairly good grasp of the basics, but there are some nuances that are only picked up with time and experience.

Let’s take a few examples to show you what I am talking about. You have decided that you want to design yourself a simple, straight conveyor. You shouldn’t need an expert for that, right?  You’re right. You don’t. But you might want to consider having an expert, having us, design it for you; if you want it to work as well as possible and last as long as it can.

Do you know which wear strip to use when your conveyor is going to be running high speeds? How about running through a cutting fluid? Do you need plain chain, or ultra low wear plain chain? What is the best way of mounting your supports? Your guiderails?

Did you think to take into account the conditions of your plant? The same pallet system that you installed in Tennessee will act differently in Arizona due to the lack of humidity, and may require extra components to address the additional static in the environment if you plan on using the built in RFID capabilities.

Could you look all of that up? Yes, absolutely. But my point is that for every wear strip question there are ten other little factors like the plant location that you may not even think to look up, that we know to account for – possibly even without thinking about it.

That is where we earn our keep. We can look at a basic layout of your plant and listen to you explain what process your components need to flow through and visualize the best way for that transportation to happen. That is what really matters with conveyor system design.  That vision, that ability to see the best solution to your unique material handling challenge. Our experience with that is what really sets us apart from the competition.

And, candidly, our quotes are free; so what do you have to lose? Let us provide you with a unique conveyor system design that fits your need and delivers not just your products, but value to your process.

Changes in conveyor system design featured image
The "original" way to design a conveyor system was on a drafting board with a stencil.
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