What is the boxEZ? It is a robot case erector!

The boxEZ robotic case erector utilizes a Universal Robot to efficiently erect multiple sizes of boxes with a custom-designed end effector. By pulling unopened boxes from an automatic box magazine and forming and taping them, we ensure a seamless operation. And, by using a collaborative robot, we keep the unit’s footprint small while maintaining the flexibility to erect a range of box sizes.

Our in-house design team customizes both the box magazines and the end-of-arm tooling based on your specific box size requirements. Plus, our end-of-arm tooling can serve a dual purpose, functioning as a robotic palletizer or case packer if your production rate allows.

Our goal is to maximize your investment by working with you to achieve the best possible return.

System speed is dependent on the layout and box size, with standard units achieving rates of 6-10 per minute. The standard robot case erector uses a forming and taping table and manual taper, but we can increase throughput by integrating an automatic taper into the system.

Designed for continuous operation, the boxEZ can also replace boxes on demand or integrate with warehouse management systems.

In short, the boxEZ is a highly customizable solution tailored to your specific needs!

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