When SKF launched the FlexLink conveyor system in the 80’s one conveyor style changed the way manufacturing looked at material handling.

Shaped much like a mountain switchback trail, the alpine conveyor uses wheel bends to reduce friction on the conveyor chain. This allows it to fit a large amount of track in a relatively small footprint. It is wonderful for applications where you need to accumulate, cool product between processes, or need to change elevation with a buffer.

Unlike spirals and wedges, an alpine conveyor does not use friction chain. In some cases they can even use a low friction chain and guiderail cover – if marring is a concern. Alpine conveyors provide a robust elevation changing option, and can be designed to carry heavier parts than wedge conveyors or spiral elevators.

Each alpine conveyor is designed based on the customer’s need. Heights, speeds, and amounts of accumulation are all customizable. They are determined by the components and layout of the plant the alpine is needed for.

We have successfully installed alpine conveyor systems across industries; from pharmaceutical to machined parts. They are useful in pallet and puck handling, as well as direct part contact conveyors. While we usually build these systems out of FlexLink conveyor components, they can be built with other components as well.

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