Founded in 2005, Universal Robots has reinvented industrial robotics with collaborative, lightweight, and flexible six-axis robot arms. They remove the need for expensive and bulky industrial guarding and safety scanners.

These cobots have pressure sensors that allow them to work alongside human employees to improve safety and reliability in all industries. The UR are incredibly simple to program, and easy to install. UR have flexible deployment. That means that they are easy to move, and integrate seamlessly into your process. Cobots also have a ROI that would surprise you.

The e-series: UR3e, UR5e, UR10e, UR16e, with the addition of the UR20 is a pretty broad product range for cobots; and there are a ton of different add-ons proven to work with the cobots in UR+. UR+ products are proven partners to customize the robots to your need.

Basically, that means that for products weighing between 3kg and 20kg we have your solution! We are the only certified integrator in Southern Illinois, and we are ready and able to help you and your company increase your line’s efficiency without compromising safety!

If you would like to learn more, please check out the literature and videos below or view our blog post on the UR16e.

Automation investments even a CFO would like!

Easy automation with collaborative robots!

Universal Robots introduces the UR16e!

The FlexLink RC10 palletizing solution - using a UR10e!

Flex-Line Automation's boxEZ Collaborative Box Erector