Reduce injuries and promote a tider workplace with a PALOMAT pallet stacker!

The PALOMAT pallet dispenser automates pallet handling and increases efficiency when stacking and destacking pallets. It also spares employees from lifting pallets manually. Which reduces injuries and improves the work environment.

Who needs a pallet dispenser? Well, frankly, you do. A PALOMAT pallet dispenser becomes part of the natural work flow in production, the warehouse, a packaging department… you know, anywhere that there is a need to stack and destack empty pallets at floor level. In manufacturing that is pretty much everywhere: here are some examples.

How does it work? PALOMAT pallet dispensers automatically lift  and lower the entire pallet stack in order to allow you to insert or remove new pallets at floor level using hand pallet trucks, forklifts, GLOBAL AGV automated forklifts, or MiR mobile industrial robots.

We have a variety of units and custom size options available to ensure that there is a proper solution for you – no matter your application. Options exist that require only electric, or a combination of electric and air supply to run; and many can even work in cold environments.

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