You may have read our blog introducing our latest partnership. While we still aren’t 100% sure what to call it (driverless forklift, automated forklift, automatic forklift, autonomous forklift, automated guided forklift – the options are endless, and kinda confusing!), that doesn’t change the fact that we have partnered with GLOBAL AGV. We did this to bring you a fantastic pallet handling solution that is much easier to work with than many competitors.

GLOBAL AGV has a different approach to the rapidly shifting world of automatic pallet handling. Rather than a complex system, they have a standardized plug and produce driverless forklift that allows for short pay back periods and an improved work environment. They are able to do this by having a user-friendly touch interface with simple mapping. By using a natural navigation based system, the area is scanned and mapped allowing the AGV to easily navigate the environment. Since this is so intuitive, you can even do it in house!

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