EH-08/EH-15/EH-25 Horizontal Discharge Prefeeder | Flex-Line Automation

In the event that you not only need to elevate your product, but also need to deposit the products a distance away from the base then this is the product you’ve been looking for. Cleated, table-top chain on the elevating conveyor gently pulls product up from the hopper and transports it up and across, allowing you to easily work with space restrictions.

Technical Characteristics

Standard Features:
Stainless steel construction
Modular plastic chain
Hopper cleanout door
Elevator and hopper covers
One piece formed hopper (8 ft3 capacity)

Available Options:
Elevator extensions*
Hopper extension for 15 and 25 ft3 capacity
Continuous welded hopper seams (EH-15/25)
Washdown motor
NEMA 1 encased controller
Pneumatic hopper agitator (#AGITATOREP08)
* It is strongly recommended that the frame of the Prefeeder be reinforced and/or additionally supported for elevator extensions of 54″ or greater.