FlexLink X65 | Flex-Line Automation
X65 Alpine Buffer
X65 Alpine Conveyor

FlexLink X65 is a new version of the successful XL series. This system maintains the same chain width, 63mm; but it boasts quieter systems, stronger chain for longer runs, more efficient drives, and longer lasting wear parts.

It is important to note that spare parts for XL and X65 are not interchangeable.

By using FlexLink X65 you get fantastic flexibility of product handling. X65 is great across industries: pharmaceutical applications, tissue and personal care product handling, gear wheels, aerosol cans, medium size ball bearings, piston parts, yogurt, batteries, bottles, matches, cheese packets, beverage cartons (like coffee, tea, or drink mixes) and so much more.

There are a wide variety of standard pallet handling components, as well as plenty of solutions for moving products both horizontally and vertically throughout the manufacturing process.

We have had great success using X65 for alpine buffer storage (click here to learn more about buffer conveyors) and for other vertical solutions.

Technical Characteristics

Drive unit capacity 200–1000 N
Chain tension limit 1000 N
Beam width 65 mm
Chain width 63 mm
Chain pitch 25,4 mm
Item width 15–140 mm
Maximum item weight horizontal transport 10 kg
Maximum item weight vertical transport 2 kg
Maximum weight on conveyor 150 kg
Maximum conveyor length 40 m