Model ZPA Zero Pressure Chain Driven Accumulator

Titan Zone Accumulation Conveyors are designed to accumulate products and containers into zones without contact, commonly termed “Zero Pressure Accumulation” or “ZPA”.  Available “Plug & Go” logic makes control easy and reduces cost.  Titan offers designs compatible with all models and types of roller conveyors.  Titan also offers ZPA conveyors with Motorized Rollers.

The Model ZPA is designed to handle heavy loads such as pallets, skids or drums.  Standard zone length is 60” with other zone lengths available.  Rollers are 2 1/2” diameter x 11 gauge or an optional 2 5/8” x 7 gauge.  Standard roller spacing is 5” with other options available.  Accumulation and load release can be either single or slug type and must be specified when ordered.  Optional controls are available to control accumulation and release modes, create intermediate load/unload stations and allow for time delay settings.  Incoming power is 110 volt, single phase and then is converted to 24 volt DC for sensor and solenoid control.


  1. Zones have individual conventional drives.
  2. Zones are engaged by air clutch from a single drive.
  3. Zones have individual motorized roller drives.

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