Model 660 – 6″ Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor

Large scrap handling and recycling¬†systems dictate using a rugged steel belt. Consider the Model 660, 6″ pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor. By using the unique Titan 6″ pitch belting, the Model 660 will satisfy most heavy-duty scrap handling requirements. Our uniquely designed sidewing reduces the gap between sidewing and apron (eliminating carryover) and yet the rugged (1/4″ thick) design compensates for most severe applications.

Combine the unique sidewing with a standard 1/4″ thick apron, 3″ diameter, bushed, single flanged roller, double outside sidebars and a 3/4″ thru axle and you have a conveyor that will with stand years of heavy industrial use. Four different configurations are available with standard curves of 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degrees available.

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