Cooling and Drying Conveyors

When hot parts need cooling or wet parts need drying, you need an experienced partner. Titan ConveyorsTM can provide a solution. Typical applications are in foundry and forge operations where components at several thousand degrees Fahrenheit need to be conveyed carefully as they cool. Most cooling conveyors have drives that operate at a very slow speed and have variable control so the desired exit temperature can be met. Cooling fans are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and speeds for both single phase and three phase power supplies. Any imaginable structure can be made to house the fans, from very open to closed tunnels. An equally wide range of belts can be used depending on the application, from plastic mesh modular belts to high temperature alloy oven belts and stainless steel belts.

The most popular conveyor adapted for cooling and drying purposes is the Titan Model 124. The Titan Model 630 Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor and Model 696 Slat Conveyor are used often as well.

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