X45H Plastic Chain Conveyor

FlexLink X45H is a very small belt conveyor with the ability to carry products farther, with more bends, and fewer drives than X45 while still maintaining a minimal footprint. This series is not limited to the light duty 24V motors that are standard for an X45 system. It actually uses XT series end drives and idlers, so you can use our standard Boston Gear Reducer and Baldor Motor combo, or a SEW Eurodrive with no problems.

X45H is great for puck handling, pharmaceutical bottle, and cosmetic filling applications; or even in other lightweight manufacturing applications like small batteries.

Standard pucks for a FlexLink X45 system can run on an X45H conveyors. Slide rails with guides for puck handling are available for straight conveyors, as well as for bends. It also has a number of puck handling functions for diverting and merging as standard options.

We have had great success using this series for moving vials and tubes through testing, as well as in filling applications where the X45 was simply not robust enough.

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