Wearable Robotics / Exoskeletons


We don’t have a wide variety of wearable robotics / exoskeletons that we carry, but we feel that the MATE by our partners at Comau is a stand out solution.

Passive exoskeletons, like the MATE, do not incorporate powered actuators or sensors. Instead, they utilize mechanical structures and principles to provide support and assistance to the user. These exoskeletons primarily transfer loads from the user’s body to the ground or a stable base, reducing strain and fatigue on the user’s muscles and joints by up to 30%.

The MATE exoskeleton assists workers performing overhead tasks and tasks involving carrying items in front of them. Commonly you think of these as assembly line work, but the MATE exoskeleton is useful in applications from construction and drywall to outdoor maintenance or meat packing. It features lightweight and ergonomic components that reduce the effort and strain on the user’s arms and shoulders. An added benefit to the MATE over competitors is that it also provides lumbar support, thus encouraging proper form in lifting and moving product.

While passive exoskeletons like the MATE do not offer active assistance or powered augmentation, they provide significant benefits in terms of ergonomics and reducing physical strain on workers in manufacturing environments. These exoskeletons are often more affordable, lightweight, and easier to deploy compared to active systems.