Welcome to the Future of Work with MATE-XB from COMAU!

Unlock unparalleled support and redefine your work experience with the MATE-XB, a cutting-edge non-powered exoskeleton meticulously crafted to elevate your performance in demanding tasks. Engineered to alleviate muscular effort in the lumbar district, this revolutionary exoskeleton is your key to enhanced productivity and reduced strain.


Effortless Movement: Experience a new era of ease as MATE-XB effortlessly supports you in various positions, whether you’re squatting or lifting heavy loads. Say goodbye to the physical challenges that come with strenuous activities.

Back Strain Relief: Designed to specifically target and reduce back strain, MATE-XB is your ergonomic solution to a more comfortable and sustainable work routine. Improve your overall well-being by minimizing the impact on your lumbar region during demanding tasks.

Torque Innovation: MATE-XB integrates torque generating boxes, a groundbreaking technology that stores and transforms potential mechanical energy. This innovation allows for adjustable assistive torque, providing support proportional to the torque generated by the upper body, offering gentle assistance up to 25kg.

Customizable Support: Tailor your support levels with MATE-XB’s variable assistance settings. Adapt the exoskeleton to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and comfort throughout your workday.

Lightweight and Comfortable: Experience the freedom of movement with MATE-XB’s lightweight design. Crafted with breathable materials and wide contact areas, this exoskeleton guarantees comfort while walking and working, empowering you to focus on what matters most.

Elevate your work, enhance your capabilities, and redefine your professional journey with MATE-XB from COMAU. Embrace the future of exoskeleton technology and unlock the potential for a more ergonomic and efficient workplace.

Make every move count. Choose MATE-XB.