For a few weeks now we have known that something big was coming from our partner, Universal Robots. It has been really, really hard to keep quiet because this addition to their product line is a GREAT solution for so many outstanding quotes! Ah! 

The quick facts: the UR16e has a 16kg payload and a reach of 900mm. Bonus? it is only 73lbs so it can still be easily moved around your plant and repositioned from a machine tending to a box filling application with EASE.

These cobots can be integrated with your existing line, we can use them with the same technology as FlexLink’s RC10 standard palletizing cell, or we can come up with a whole new world of solutions that don’t even have to utilize the Cobot Lift (but don’t worry – they still integrate perfectly with all of the other UR+ products like the mobile Cobot Lift!). How freaking cool is that?

Wanna learn more? Check out our UR product page!