Thouzer GIANT with top kit

Go watch “Rhett’s Robot Emporium“, and you can see why the collective groan is real when one of us comes back with yet ANOTHER automated solution that we want to add. Our line sheet is already pretty crowded.


But this one is on me. The Thouzer is so cool! We all know that material transportation is a critical part of operations. However, sites that require a lot of manual transportation face challenges like long-term labor shortages, or difficulty implementing AGVs or AMRs. That’s where the Thouzer comes in!

Thouzer is a robotic cart designed to automate material handling processes and improve efficiency in manufacturing and logistics operations. It is versatile, and can be used in a wide range of environments.

Compared to other AGVs or AMRs, Thouzer has some unique features that make it stand out. For example, the Follow-Me function allows it to move alongside an operator who is guiding it (without bluetooth), making it easy to operate with minimal training. I played with it at Houstex, and I can’t tell you how intuitive it was. I can see it being perfect for picking or kitting applications.

The Thouzer is also equipped with obstacle avoidance technology. So if you have it running a route it will stop and alert if the LiDAR senses an obstacle.

But the coolest thing in my opinion is the Memory Trace function. With the push of a button you can use the Follow-Me function to teach a path allowing it to run autonomously. Yeah, no programming or Wi-Fi required! That makes it a more cost-effective (and easier) option than  other AGVs or AMRs that need complex programming or infrastructure.

Another advantage of a Thouzer is its ability to move up curbs and ramps and work indoors and outdoors to fit into existing environments. Depending on the unit chosen, a Thouzer can maneuver over curbs up to 3cm, and handle an incline of 6 degrees. The units can operate in light rain – though they aren’t rated for down pours or super bright sunlight. There are limitations to what any kind of sensor can “see” when there is a lot of reflection.

In terms of scalability, it is a highly customizable solution. The base unit kinda reminds me of a Hoveround, but you can fabricate a custom topper to move your products, or use it for towing/carting operations. This makes it a more adaptable solution than some other AGVs or AMRs that have limited customization.

Thouzer BASIC pulling a cart and operating on "Line-Trace" mode.

Overall, I think Thouzer is a promising solution. Its advanced features and flexible design make it easy to operate, and its compatibility with various environments increases its versatility. Compared to other AGVs or AMRs, it is unique, cost-effective, and adaptable choice for a wide range of applications.

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  1. Phil Denton

    Rhett’s Robot emporium is the best! Great article, Lauren. You definitely hit all the high points!

    1. Lauren Van De Mark

      Thanks Phil!

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