Today I read a blog about ergonomic work stations being built with mk North Americas extrusion. It really got me thinking. I have spent my whole life surrounded by extrusion, so maybe I take it for granted that others know just how flexible it can be. For example, many of our desks and shelves at the office are built out of FlexLinks discontinued XCBM 84, but offices could easily be fitted with any of the mk extrusion products or items from FlexLinks XC line.

While I have worked pretty much exclusively with FlexLinks aluminum extrusion, I can say that the flexibility and durability of either their or mks product cannot be questioned. There are so many options for connectors and brackets! It is pretty fantastic to be able to alter desk heights with the turn of a socket, or to easily adapt shelf heights based on the ergonomic needs of multiple employees. The locking casters that are available with these modular systems can even make movable work stations a breeze. 

It really gets you thinking, is there anything that cant be built with aluminum extrusion?

Based on this gift to Cathy I think I can confidently say, No, not really. So, the next time you are designing a desk for your shop, a custom cart, a shelf, or any sort of protective guarding remember that our slogan We dont just sell conveyors, we provide solutions. means that we do that too.

Even if what you are looking for is a REALLY sturdy bird feeder.