A rotary tower style stretch wrapper at work.
A rotary tower style stretch wrapper at work.
A manual rotary tower style stretch wrapper was perfect for this customer’s application.

If your company needs to palletize and ship goods, you need a stretch wrapper! These machines wrap stretch film (think giant saran wrap) around a load of products, securing them for transport, and preventing damage. There are several different types of stretch wrappers available, each with its own unique features and advantages.

The most common type of stretch wrapper is the turntable model. These machines use a turntable to rotate the load while the stretch film is dispensed around it. Turntable stretch wrappers are a good choice for medium volume applications with stable products, and can be either manual or automatic.

For high volume applications, a rotary tower stretch wrapper is a better choice. These machines use a rotating tower to wrap the stretch film around the load. Rotary Tower models are better at handling heavy, tall, or unstable products. They are typically automatic and can handle a higher volume of pallets per hour than turntable models as well.

Orbital stretch wrappers are particularly useful for wrapping irregularly shaped or unstable loads. They use a ring that rotates around the load to wrap the stretch film around it. Like the others orbital stretch wrappers can be either manual or automatic.

To further automate the palletizing and wrapping process, you can integrate stretch wrappers with other equipment. (And you might know a guy, nudge-nudge.) Pallet conveyors are a popular choice to increase efficiency. Pallet magazines automatically feed empty pallets into the palletizing process. Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) transport pallets between different locations in a warehouse or manufacturing facility. Palletizing robots can be integrated with stretch wrappers to create a highly automated and efficient palletizing and wrapping system. Get the idea?

When selecting a stretch wrapper and integration method, it’s essential to evaluate your specific needs and budget. While automation can increase efficiency and reduce manual labor, it can also be more expensive and require modifications to existing infrastructure or additional safety measures. So, sometimes even though we can automate all the things it is better to automate in phases.

So, yeah, stretch wrappers are a critical piece of equipment for companies that need to palletize and ship goods. With several types of stretch wrappers available and SO MANY options for integrating with other equipment, it’s possible to create an efficient and effective palletizing and wrapping system that meets your needs and budget.

Oh, and did I mention we sell Orion stretch wrappers along with all the other stuff? I feel like I need to mention that we sell stretch wrappers.

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  1. Phil Denton

    This is awesome. I want to see what one of the orbital stretch wrappers looks like! Heck, all I think I’ve ever seen are the turntable stretch wrapper so I’d be curious to see a tower stretch wrapper in action too. Especially fed with a pallet conveyor. Holy moly!

    1. Lauren Van De Mark

      I will send you a video!

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