PE20 palletizer by ROBOTIQ

New Product – PE20 by ROBOTIQ

With the launch of the UR20 a whole new world of collaborative palletizing opened up. The UR20 has a 20kg payload and a robust new joint design as well as the latest version of Polyscope (UR’s software).

All of that means the UR20 is a fantastic option for palletizing. While we do a lot of custom work in the end of line space, why work harder when you can work smarter?Β That is why you see us integrate ROBOTIQ’s palletizing solutions so frequently alongside our boxEZ collaborative box erector. Often we can use the same cobot to do both operations, but I digress. We are here to talk PE20!

What sets it apart?

The PE20, or PE series for UR20, is ideal for heavier loads and moderate pallet heights. It keeps the standard 13 pick per minute cycle time of the other solutions. The base is fixed, and supports pallets up to 84″, but higher stacks may be possible. They just require a review from engineering!

It has a new POWERPICK20 gripper as a standard option. The gripper is highly configurable to be able to pick different types of boxesΒ  – 46 different configurations are available! It also includes a dual channel to control the vacuum more effectively than previous versions. We can still create custom EOAT for this solution, but the POWERPICK20 is a very light option so it allows you to maximize your payload and stack 40lb boxes with ease.

Another great new design is the base. It has been redesigned with ease of use in mind; especially for palletizing applications where the boxes overhang the pallet. There are new sensors integrated. But I think the coolest bit is the angle that has been added to the base so if things are just a hair off they center themselves and don’t hang up as badly. That is the kind of design improvement I can get behind.

A big benefit here is that you can still use ROBOTIQ’s configurator to make pallet patterns and generate/optimize trajectories and robot movements. That means that as much as we are happy to come do a service call because you got a new style of boxes or stack pattern, all your workers can operate and teach SKUs, so you can save time and increase your efficiency over other palletizing solutions.

Speaking of saving time, the PE20 has a 14 day lead time. So it won’t be the thing holding up your operational improvements!

Full disclosure, we are one of the lucky integrators who made a presale-sale of one of these. So you will be inundated with pictures and videos of one at work in a few months when the UR20 for that project comes in. Our first one will be palletizing different SKUs for a local jam and jelly manufacturer. We are REALLY excited about it!

Interested in learning more?

Give us a call to speak with an expert, or check out the latest literature below!

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UR20 palletizing with the ROBOTIQ PE20.

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