photo of a pallet destacker

Do you use pallets? Not many industries can honestly answer that question with a no.

How do you handle your pallets? Do you have some guy named Seth out back making massive piles of them then hanging out around the stacks like some sort of pallet dragon with a horde made of potential worker’s comp claims? No? I’m not sure I believe you.

I have been in enough plants where I have seen broken pallets laying on the floor from where they have been run over by a fork lift, or that place’s version of Seth got a little too into it, or maybe not enough into it, and the stack toppled over when he threw “just one more on top” and missed it by that much.

So how much are you spending on broken pallets? Really.

How much are you spending on pallet related injuries? Seriously.

Just how much time is wasted in your facility moving pallets around by hand, or by forklift? Be honest with yourself.

What if I could tell you about a solution to your woes that you had never even considered? Mostly because as Americans we have no idea what to call these danged things. Pallet stacker. Pallet magazine. Pallet dispenser. Pez dispenser for pallets. There are so many variations, but we are going with pallet destacker because it is fun to say; and I am going to make it stick.

Meet PALOMAT. PALOMAT is a Danish company that manufactures a variety of pallet destackers. I’m talking pallet destackers that will organize your workplace and optimize your pallet flow with units that hold 15 and 25 pallets apiece, as well as double-ups. Pallet destackers that will improve your efficiency and let you do more with fewer resources. Yes, pallet destackers that will remove the need for manual pallet handling and reduce not only employee injuries from pallet handling, but also injuries to pallets from employee handling.

The PALOMAT pallet destacker stacks and destacks pallets at the floor level for pallet jack/hand fork or fork lift handling; or at the level of the integrated conveyor, mobile robot, or AGV unit. Stand alone pallet destacker units are operated with a touch panel. Integrated units communicate over WIFI? ETHERNET? BLACK MAGIC? to provide a streamlined process that can work with our other solutions as part of a lights out manufacturing operation, or simply allow employees to be redeployed from dangerous jobs to those with high satisfaction rates.

PALOMAT pallet destacker units are an integral part of pallet flow whether you are in production, warehousing, packaging, or even retail.

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