photo of a tabletop conveyor at Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I always enjoy this time of year, and love it when this video pops up in my memory. While we don’t actually eat dinner like this it did get me thinking, is this why people refer to this style of conveyor as tabletop conveyor?

If you wound up here because you are trying to find engineering or spare parts for tabletop conveyor systems you are in luck, we do that and I am not going to make you scroll through this like a recipe blog to find the link you need. You’re welcome!

Anyway, growing up alongside the FlexLink conveyor offering I obviously have grown up with all of the technical jargon, so I have never called them tabletop conveyor. They have always been FlexLink conveyor, plastic chain conveyor, side-flex conveyor, and lately FlexMove conveyor or even VersaFlex conveyor as FlexLink’s patents have run out and more competitors have entered the market.

I’ve never really understood referring to it as tabletop conveyor though. I mean, most conveyors are flat like tables, or at least have options to be. If anything resembles a table I would think a big belt conveyor looks more like a table than a FlexLink does. Belt conveyors are flat, and generally straight. Tables are flat and generally straight. See my logic?

The beauty of a plastic chain conveyor is in how easily you can go up or down and side to side. Wheelbends, plain bends, and vertical bends are standard offerings and are so easy to drop in compared to the pain it is to make a belt conveyor turn a corner so why call a plastic chain conveyor a tabletop conveyor?

That was when it hit me, ya’ll are referring to them as tabletop conveyor because the chain sits on top of the chain beam like it is a table.

Yeah. I am that “I was today years old when” meme.

So, now that I understand where the name is coming from and especially after using one as a table… nope, nope, nope. I can’t do it… You guys can call it tabletop conveyor all you want, but it will always be FlexLink style conveyor to me.

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4 Comment

  1. Michel

    Hello over the Ocean,
    Just find you Thanks Giving video and I’m loving it!

    I just can’t find your YouTube Channel, can you help me with a link lease

    Merci et Bravo (this is French, don’t be scared ! hahaha)


    1. Lauren Van De Mark

      Michel, we are @flex-lineautomation5538 on youtube. Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Phil Denton

        You can change your YouTube URL to something more friendly (without the numbers) ya know!
        Just go into YouTube Studio -> Channel Customization -> Basic Info and pick a new name.

        1. Lauren Van De Mark

          Thanks for the tip!

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