You guys may have figured out by now that we are doing our best to make partnerships to fulfill all of your needs. That’s why we are happy to announce that we are now working with GLOBAL AGV, a plug and produce solution for automated forklifts that is quick and cost effective to install and run. 

Whether you call it an automated or autonomous forklift, or an AGV we have a great solution for your self-driving fork truck needs! Unlike some other solutions out there, this AGV (which Rhett argues is more of an AMR because it uses natural navigation rather than pins or magnetic tape) can be run as a single unit. That’s right. There are no huge consulting projects to worry about.

You don’t have to purchase whole fleet at once either; you can buy a single L12 unit and simply scale up at your convenience – making this technology much more accessible than many competitors. These units are installed and maintained quickly by us with the help of an onsite maintenance person or electrician. They are very easy to use, and come with standard programming packages. The L12 is so simple to use that it can even be rerouted in house.

The AGV L12 has a capacity of 1,200kg, and a max lift height of 2,844mm. It is 850mm wide, and has fork dimensions of 55x180x1,150mm. Forks are 160-88mm wide.

Is your interest piqued? Contact us today and we can show you how quickly the AGV L12 will pay for itself.

Would you like to see the GLOBAL AGV in action? Check out our YouTube channel!