You may have heard the news by now, but we would like to officially announce our newest partner: Comau. 

An Italian company that has extensive experience in robots, cobots, and AGVs since the 1970s Comau has the kind of legacy that we look for in a partner. They have been on the cutting edge of technology since their inception, and continue to advance. Their COBOT AURA (advanced use robotic arm) is incredible. It is the future of human / robot interaction, with the robot able to sense the proximity of a person or another piece of equipment and use that data to slow down and work around the obstacle only stopping if very close or touched by an employee. Even better? When stopped the robots sensors can be used as buttons to respond to the operators needs.

These robots are top of the line an can be installed virtually anywhere, even in tough overhead environments. Much like our FlexLink product line they were initially designed for heavy duty manufacturing, like automotive and bearing plants; but they have since taken that quality and resilience and applied it lighter duty manufacturing like consumer goods or food and beverage handling. Comau is truly a product line that has a solution for everyone, which is why it fits so well with our solutions here at Flex-Line.

In the coming weeks we will be adding more information to the site, but in the meantime please take a look at to learn more.