I’m not sure about you, but I am ready to get out of the office and see what has been going on with the rest of the world. To that end, I am excited to announce that we are taking this show on the road and will be exhibiting at the Design-2-Part show in Grapevine Texas June 9th &10th. We will be in booths 410 and 412. Come see us! Click the logo to get a free pass! 

We have made the greatest little demo box erector with our UR5e, and we will be showcasing a machine tending operation with our Comau Racer 5 and a FlexLink conveyor.

The problem with every tradeshow is that we always have so many cool things to show you, but an itty-bitty exhibiting space. That is the curse of being an integrator I guess. There are so many great combinations of things that we could build and showcase that I always struggle. Left to my own devices I think the booth would look like an industrial Rube Goldberg project: robot erects a box, box goes up a spiral, down a chute, part feeds up a prefeeder and into a box, the box is picked up by a robot and palletized, then hauled away by a MiR. Only we shouldn’t just show a box. It should be a can! A jug! A widget! Ah! So many choices!

Realistically you can’t fit all that in a 10’x15′ space, so we make due. Check out our updated branding video to get a better idea of all of our products in action!