There are SO many conveyor companies out there now. Off of the top of my head I can list manufacturers like FlexLink, Dorner, mK Automation, QC, Arrowhead, Multi-Conveyor, Titan, EnduraVeyor, Alba, ACSI, Hytrol, Direct Conveyor, BettSystemi, and Modu. That is without even getting up and looking at the ring of catalogs that the guys in engineering keep as a resource, or exploring Google.

Anyway, there are A LOT of conveyor companies, but you should do business with mine; and not just because I can rattle off different manufacturers and solutions like a creepy guy trying to sell you something illicit out of a trench coat.

“Hey man, you need a spiral elevator? FlexLink? Ryson? How ‘bout some Ambaflex? I got you.”

You should do business with my conveyor company because WE do business with all those other conveyor companies, and then some. Wouldn’t you, or really, whoever has to set up your vendors, appreciate working with a vendor willing to take single source responsibility so they only have to issue one purchase order and have one point of contact?

Besides, like all manufacturers, conveyor companies are really good at making parts; but we are really, really good at making complete conveyor systems with all the bells, whistles, blade stops, bladder stops, and all the other types of stops and ancillary equipment you need to have a perfect system. You are not going to find a manufacturer with a great grasp of how to integrate their products with another companies products because that isn’t what they do. That’s what we do, and that is why Flex-Line Automation should be at the top of your list of conveyor companies.

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