The need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) continues to increase in all industries and across all regions. As businesses around the world restart operations, PPE shortages, and disposable single use face masks in particular, can be expected to continue and costs will likely increase. Our partner Comau has created an automated solution for mask production. 

Production rates for typical line configurations vary from 20-90 masks per minute. System configurations are flexible and modular, allowing the systems to be easily scaled through the addition of machines. These machines can potentially be used to produce YYT0969, ASTM Level 1 or 2 masks, depending on what raw material is used; but their current and main purpose is for non-healthcare use in the United States for source control during the current emergency.

Comau’s vast experience with automation solutions and their global footprint puts us in a unique position to be able to offer mask production systems in response to emergent needs. Many manufacturers are integrating these systems for internal use in order to supply their own masks to employees to conform with new guidelines and procedures as manufacturing gets back on its feet.