Collaborative Box Erector

Flex-Line Automation, Inc. has a long history of custom automation solutions for our customers. Now we are happy to offer something new for us: a standard solution!

Our collaborative box erector can utilize different cobots, including the UR5e or UR10e, in order to erect and tape various sizes of boxes to streamline your shipping processes.

How does it work? A discussion with an engineer determines the reach and speeds you need, and thus which cobot to use, for your specific application. Your box sizes and the footprint you require determines the exact shape of your solution.

Okay, perhaps we can’t get away from our desire to customize a solution; but helping you is what we do. We just can’t stop or draw a line in the sand and say, “No. you can erect only one size box.” We can just put a bigger robot on it and then you can erect and sort four sizes of boxes.

These units have greater flexibility and a smaller footprint than many traditional box erecting solutions. They can be redeployed either with different box sizes when your needs change; or if you no longer need them for box erection you can use them in a variety of other ways, like machine tending.

Flexibility applies to programming choices too. We can do it in a variety of ways depending on your needs. The box erector can queue and replenish certain size boxes automatically as they are used. It can erect boxes on command with the touch of a button, or just make a set number of boxes.

How flipping cool is that?

Our outside-the-box thinking makes box erecting better!