This week’s episode is a little different since Nikki was at an industry event: the A3 Business Forum hosted by the Association for Advancing Automation in Orlando Florida.

She thought she found a quiet corner to have a conversation with Cathy Rinne (the infamous Conveyor Cougar on TikTok) and Lauren Van De Mark – President and Sales and Marketing Manager respectively at Flex-Line Automation

We apologize for the audio quality and noise in this one, turns out the spot was quiet for a while until a large crowd walked by for a bit around the middle of the episode.

They had a great conversation talking about the event, happenings in the industry, how we still have work to do changing the mainstream attitudes about automation in manufacturing and more.

These ladies are the real deal and we are looking forward to having them back on the show soon in our more traditional format where we get to hear their background stories and maybe a bit more about being a mother daughter duo in the systems integration space.

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