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Flex-Line Automation understands quality. We are innovators, and if we used sub-par materials and suppliers, we’d produce sub-par products. Count on us for state-of-the-art, cutting-edge gear that will serve you for years and years.

Industrial Automation

Browse products from brands like FlexLink, mk, MiR, Comau, Palomat, and more.

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We don’t just sell conveyors. We sell solutions! Moving your products is what we do.

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Technology is always changing, but so are we. Stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest.

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Don’t get frustrated. Jump on the phone and let’s talk solutions. We’ve got the experience, ingenuity, and proven track record to accomplish great things with whatever product you’ve got. We love this stuff, so let a cutting-edge industrial automation company help!

Automation Services
Start to Finish Solutions for 35 Years and Counting

Get free quotes and complimentary consultations with our knowledgeable engineering department. Our team of experts is here to help!


Our expert staff will quickly and accurately complete complicated systems, even those requiring custom design and fabrication.


We utilize a network of vendors that has a history of providing  timely delivery of the brands that you specify and full technical support on those product lines.


When you call us for a quote during regular office hours, whether it is for a system or a parts order, your call will be answered by a real person with real experience.

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Ready to Get to Work?

You’re the expert when it comes to creating your product. We’re an expert industrial automation company and moving your products from A to B, around C and then under D is what we do… You’ll find loads of great info about our capabilities here, but the truth is, all of our custom solutions and trusted partners can’t be contained in one measly (but really awesome) website.

So hit us up. Let us create a unique, precise solution for your needs.